Wednesday, April 02, 2014

S I T T I N G . P R E T T I E S

:: Sitting Pretties - Perry Dixon Maple 
With the opening just around the corner I figured it was finally time to upload a few shots
of my piece for the Magical Girl Heroines : Sailor Moon and Sailor Senshi exhibition at Q Pop on April 5th. 

So excited to be a part of this show not only because its Sailor Moon! But also because many of my friends will be contributing to the exhibition including a close friend Eastwood Wong's amazing piece!
For more information on the show check it out here!


Maseiya said...

I loooved this piece at the QPop show! I was so sad to see that it was already bought when I went in though. I wish I could have grabbed it! ^^

Anonymous said...

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Eden said...

These are such colorful characters.

kios nugraha said...

These characters look awesome

numpangpromo said...

I like it, good job.

Anonymous said...

They're so bright and colourful.